From Tupperware lady to high-flying business maven – with God as her pilot!

This enthralling book will convince you that God is ready to make anything and everything happen for YOU – if you simply make the leap in faith!

Kathy Hill is no different from you or me. Except for one thing:

During a dramatic moment at the age of twelve, she accepted God at his word: if you put your faith in him, there is NOTHING you cannot do!

Her life from that point has been a series of miracles, overcoming daunting challenges, culminating in her founding of a hugely successful company. From Tupperware salesman, to CEO of her own brave venture!

But the author would have you know: miracles are not reserved for saints. When God’s hand is on your business, you have the ULTIMATE business partner. You’re unstoppable! 

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What do you need NOW? That’s your fuel . . . get started!

Kathy Hill and her husband had decided that come what may, it was best for her to stay home with their children.

The only problem (and most of us face this at one time or another): money. They could barely cover the mortgage on their new starter home. Much less curtains for the windows.

Kathy made up her mind: the house would have curtains. And for God, this was nothing at all!

Then, as he would do over and over, God stepped in. Kathy attended a Tupperware party – and left wondering whether perhaps SHE could be successful doing the same thing. After all, Tupperware managers received their own new cars – which would make a gigantic difference in the life of this one-car family.

“God has given talents to his children.  He expects us to use them.  He orders our steps.  He has a plan for us; there are blessings and favor waiting to be given.”

— Kathy Hill

Kathy’s husband called it “pie in the sky.” But it took her only six weeks to recruit the five new Tupperware ladies she needed to earn the new car, despite her lack of experience. She had believed, and God had delivered – in spades.

And those curtains? Well, she had the money for the custom curtains she had dreamed of in less than 90 days . . .

What’s YOUR dream? And what’s holding you back?

Kathy Hill’s book is PROOF that you do not have to conquer the world in a day. Just get started, as she did with her first Tupperware party. Step out in faith! What business is it that you have wanted to create, that you’ve put off doing? The skill you have that you believe would be valued? A book you’ve dreamed of writing? The fact is, God wants to be your partner. Read this book and BELIEVE!! 

If you are looking for the success path to follow to experience an increased level of success in your personal life and in your business, I highly recommend this gem.  Success is your birthright. Create it in your life starting today."

— Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author

One door closes, God opens another

Kathy had worked her way up through the ranks of Tupperware from the very bottom. Then a business disagreement devastated her position there. The company came for the car. She was back looking for work.

But now, she had a new skill under God’s guidance: she had learned she could SELL.

What’s YOUR untapped skill or idea? NOBODY is more of a beginner than Kathy Hill was when she started. So get going!

The world of network marketing came next – another business where no experience is needed to get started – but real faith in yourself (and in Kathy’s case, in God) is an absolute necessity to become one of the few who really succeed.

And succeed she did, with several companies, year after year. Until it happened again: the company in which she had risen through the ranks was sold, nearly overnight – and network marketing was no longer going to be part of it.

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Out of the comfort zone: Footprints in the sand

Everyone has seen the famous quote about “footprints in the sand.” When asked “Why is there only one set of footprints during that troubled time in my life, God answers: ‘That’s when I was carrying you.”

To this day, Kathy has this quote displayed in her office, along with other reminders of her faith. And in the next period of her life – the most momentous, she’d need to really lean on it.

Again, with no experience at all, she took a job with a company that helped people with large IRS debts get them reduced. She liked the work. It really helped people. Sometime desperate people. And this fit perfectly with Kathy’s desire to “give back” some of the blessings God had bestowed on her through her faith in Him.

But over time, the company became greedy. Aggressive. Even abusive to its clients. And that’s when, on the suggestion of her husband, she took the leap that eventually led her to where she is today.

“Why don’t you start your own firm?” he said.

It seemed ludicrous. She had no experience in building a business of her own, much less such a complex one. Now came the REAL leap of faith.

She dreamed of a tax resolution company that would distinguish itself from the others by truly treating its customers with respect, sympathy and kindness. And again, she believed: God can do anything. She felt he was “pushing her from the comfort of her nest” for a reason.

The author writes: “where God guides, he provides.”
Here’s how she says she followed this principle all the way to huge success – and YOU CAN TOO!

Here's How I Suceeded

  • I developed a strong faith and trust in God;
  • I went through several unpleasant transitions;
  • I experienced the awesome power of prayer on a regular basis;
  • I was willing to learn new things as they came to me;
  • I gained important sales skills;
  • I developed leadership ability;
  • I was dedicated to being in the center of God’s will;
  • I was able to acknowledge and ask forgiveness for mistakes;
  • I gave God praise and honor and glory for each blessing and bit of favor He bestowed on me;
  • I sought guidance and wisdom when I didn’t know what to do or where to turn; and
  • I tried to be a vocal and sincere role model for my faith. 

Becoming the “Tax Tiger Lady”

The rest of the story recounts Kathy’s creation of an extremely successful tax resolution company, now franchised nationwide.

She did it against the longest odds, but truly believing God was with her every step of the way. When she took a loan against her home for office space. Was forced to learn marketing the hard way. And weathered the long period in which she paid herself nothing at all.

Despite the inevitable road bumps – and some near disasters – she never lost faith that “God’s hand was on her business.” He’s just not always on our timetable! Prayer, meditation and gratitude were never put aside even during her busiest days.

Eventually, all three of her competitors, the large tax resolution companies built on bad business practices, collapsed. Hers, built on Godly values, was the only one left standing, And today, Tax Tiger is a profitable franchise with a stellar reputation. All this, from the humble beginnings of a Tupperware party!



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I have had a front row seat to the unfolding story of success in the life of Kathy Hill.  The principles she teaches are those that she lives by.  It is those very principles which have propelled her to the top of her field—the same principles that are transferable and will fuel success for anyone who will embrace them and put them into practice.  As I read this book, I found inspiration and tools for my own personal growth.  You will want to read this more than once and mark the pages for easy reference.  Then, you will want to provide a copy for the people in your life that you love and care about.  It is that good!! 

— Rick J. Cole
Pastor, Capital Christian Center - Sacramento, CA


"This is a wonderful book, full of guidance and inspiration to help you to take God as your partner, and leave the key decisions to Him.  When you do, you will never make another mistake."

—  Brian Tracy-Author
Million Dollar Habits

"It's a blessing to see the content that is being shared in these 15 dynamic principles. Success and prosperity are very important for the Kingdom of God. Kathy does an astounding job in explaining her testimony and her success. May this book bless you and everyone you purchase one for.  Let it be a blessing!"

Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux 
Sr. Pastor Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento, CA


"Faith does precede the Miracle.  To read this book gives the reader that hope does exist and the faith to trust God."

— Kirby Cochran
Professor of Finance, Author, and Businessman